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My babies.

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My new film is a romantic comedy called What If. And so in the spirit of all things vaguely romantic and totally cheesy, we thought we would talk to you about some terrible chat-up lines x 
(Thank you so much pagefortyseven for helping me dl!!!)

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doop doop

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Similarly to MCR, I have also begun to outgrow Bring Me The Horizon. I listen to them occasionally but not enough to own all this merch. I am givi giving it away to ONE person.

The following is being given away:

  • One BMTH zip-up hoodie (XL M)
  • One American Dream Tour t-shirt (XL M)
  • One BMTH tshirt (XL M)
  • CDs: Suicide Season, There Is a Hell, Believe Me I’ve Seen It, Sempiternal
  • Three BMTH flags
  • Three BMTH posters (2 vertical / 1 horizontal)
  • One horizontal Suicide Silence Poster
  • One BMTH foam middle finger


Must be following me. I will check

must reblog to enter

you can only enter once (only reblog one time, dont spam your followers)

I will ship anywhere in the US and pay for the shipping

International recipients may have to split the cost

Have your ask boxes open

Winner will be randomly selected on October 17th (most likely at 7pm Central time)

other giveaway (x)

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